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It's commonly held belief that hearing loss is for the older in age. But studies show that hearing loss can occur while you are younger or older. That's exactly why we offer hearing examinations and solutions for both children and adults.


At Professional Hearing Services, our top priority is you as our patient. Our welcoming staff has been helping people in our community improve their hearing capabilities for almost 30 years, and we are standing by to provide you with the same exceptional hearing service.


Try one of our state-of-the-art digital hearing aids and you can start hearing the more subtle notes in music, listen better to what others are saying, and improve your hearing in general.





The Professional Hearing Services is owned and run by Sandra Hepker. An audiologist of many years, Sandra knows that there are plenty of solutions for the hearing impaired.


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If you have a hearing disorder and need hearing aid services, reach out to us today!

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1231 Hudson Road

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Tel: 517-439-1610

Near the Hillsdale Fairgrounds (m-99)

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TEL: 517-439-1610

1231 Hudson Road

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